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Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale

IPT Polled Hereford Bulls Performance Pedigrees

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The Pedigree can be traced back by clicking on the Sire and Dam on the EPD Inquiry page.


Lot Consignor  Bull Name BirthDate Sire Tattoo Division Registration #
60 Sturdy Herefords SHO CLS JANES REDBULL 6D 2/18/16 Churchill Red Bull 200Z S6D Sr. 43676813
61 Sturdy Herefords SHO MILE BOOM 9D 2/20/16 Perks 0003 Cash Advance 4007ET S9D Sr. 43668828
62 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH DURANGO DEALER 44U 6D 5/9/16 NJW Durango 44U 6D Sr. 43789693
63 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH ON TARGET SUCCESS 936 13D 7/30/16 Hyalite On Target 936 13D Sr. 43789688
64 Sturdy Herefords SHO 41A SPEECHLESS SAM 65D 9/10/16 AA HRD Speechless 3105 S65D Sr. 43461593