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Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale

IPT Polled Hereford Bulls Performance Pedigrees

With Registration Numbers click here to secure Spring 2017 EPDs.

The Pedigree can be traced back by clicking on the Sire and Dam on the EPD Inquiry page.

Lot Owner Bull Date Tattoo Division Reg #
63 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH Trust Maker 100W 6C 4/5/2015 6C Sr. 43654148
64 White Willow Polled Herefords WW Nationwide 23C 5/3/2015 23C Sr. 43597044
65 Sturdy Herefords SHO 51A Mister Milan 26C 6/1/2015 26C Sr. 43646943
66 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH Revolution Shout Out 10C 6/9/2015 10C Sr. 43654162
67 Prairie Rose Cattle Co.  PRCC ARIEL'S KING 609D 1/19/2016 609D Yr. 43752627