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2024 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale


IPT Polled Hereford Bulls Performance Pedigrees

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The Pedigree can be traced back by clicking on the Sire and Dam on the EPD Inquiry page.

Lot Consignor  Bull Name BirthDate Sire Tattoo Division Registration #
49 White Willow Polled Herefords WW COMMANDER 22E 3/7/17 MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R 22E Sr. 43837344
50 Biggs Polled Herefords BIGGS B10 EUPHORIA Y35 E44 5/12/17 BIGGS 4037 TILLY BAR Y36 B10 E44 Sr. 43809955
51 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH BLACK HAWK HOPE 7E 5/13/17 C Black Hawk Down ET 7E Sr. 43969930
52 Biggs Polled Herefords BIGGS B10 BARRY 2712 E47 5/21/17 BIGGS 4037 TILLY BAR Y36 B10 E47 Sr. 43809958
53 Sturdy Hereford Outlet SHO MILE MAN JULIAN 41E 5/26/17 Rem-West Dorbay Milan 129A S41E Sr. 43836252
54 Sturdy Hereford Outlet SHO MR BAILOUT MILAN 48E 6/25/17 Rem-West Dorbay Milan 129A S48E Sr. 43836257
55 Biggs Polled Herefords BIGGS 199 ECLIPSE X34 E52 6/30/17 CRPH BIG TOWN 199 E52 Sr. 43841279
56 Rabideau Polled Herefords RPH REVOLUTION RECHARGE X51 9E 7/21/17 KCF Bennet Revolution X51 9E Sr. 43321266
57 Sturdy Hereford Outlet SHO CLS 4158 ONADIME MILAN 84E 10/15/17 Rem-West Dorbay Milan 129A S84E Sr. 43883553
58 Sturdy Hereford Outlet SHO CLS 1360 MILAN T-BONE 85E 10/19/17 Rem-West Dorbay Milan 129A S85E Sr. 43883550
59 Adam Crites SSC HENRY 117E BKCASA CHRB 11/7/17 Churchill Red Bull 200Z SSC01 Sr. 43918252